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Metabolic Flexibility Part 1- Episode 30

Metabolic flexibility is the ability to switch from one fuel to the other quickly based on food availability and fuel demand. You don’t want a fast metabolism, you want a flexible metabolism instead. You don’t want Usain Bolt unless he can jump hurdles, do handstands, and juggle flaming swords too. A flexible metabolism is a great multitasker. It’s not just good at burning sugar; it excels at burning fat too. So how do we get a flexible metabolism? That’s what we cover in this episode.

Insulin Resistance & Sensitivity- Episode 29

Insulin and insulin resistance is often misunderstood. You can be resistant to insulin or sensitive to it in different tissues. Not only that, but going to low carb may contribute to the problem in some people due to cortisol’s effects on insulin sensitivity. This podcast addresses the less talked about aspects of insulin.

Dating. How To Approach (women) & Reject (men) – Episode 28

How should a man approach a woman he is interested in? How can a woman reject a man she is not interested in? A mix of the research on dating with a healthy dose of individual and clinical experience. Jade’s ex-wife Jill Coleman of Jillfit.com joins the show to discuss dating. Both Jade & Jill have remained close friends after their divorce and here they chat about the challenges of dating.

What Matters In Nutrition? Quality, Quantity & More – Episode 27

What matters more? Calories? Hormones? Timing? It can get very confusing can’t it.  In this episode Jade teaches you the different aspects of nutrition to pay attention to: amount, type, timing, order and setting

Next Level Human Introduction- Episode 26

Next Level Human is a model that integrates several different psychological frameworks as well as philosophical principles to help people understand how to live a life of growth, happiness and meaning. In this podcast Jade introduces some of the basics of his model. For more information check out these blogs: HERE HERE and HERE

How To Find The Right Diet- Episode 24

There is only one true rule of nutrition and that is, “do what works for you!” But that answer is not satisfactory for many. As humans we prefer certainty and want everything spelled out for us. However, we are each unique in our metabolic expression, psychology and personal preferences. A single size approach cannot and does not work. In this episode you will learn a simple way to start deciphering what works for you.

Thyroid: All The Details- Episode 23

The thyroid gland is a master metabolic regulator greatly impacting growth, energy, fuel use, metabolic rate and much more. In this episode you learn the basic science, how to test thyroid function and little known causes and contributing factors related to thyroid function.

Stoicism: A Beginners Guide- Episode 22

Stoicism is over 2000 years old. It precedes most of the major religions and the most influential stoics lived during the time Jesus supposedly lived and the bible was being written. This is why many of the ideas of the stoics find their way into the bible. Stoicism is of way of thinking about the world and living according to human nature. This podcast covers the basic ideas of stoicism.

Cortisol: All The Details – Episode 21

Cortisol is one of those hormones that everyone talks about but few really understand.  It is not a fat storing hormone. It is not a fat burning hormone.  It can be both depending on the circumstances. Learn the role it plays in our body and the proper context in which to understand this hormone.

The Gut in Metabolism – Episode 20

The gut is a major hub of metabolism, not just in its digestion and assimilation of calories, but in its hormonal and bacterial impacts as well.  In this episode Dr. Jade talks about some of the issues, controversises and new science around gut function.

How To Deal With Someone Who Does Not Like You- Episode 19

How to deal with someone who does not like you? As a human it is not easy when someone does not like you, but critics and haters are everywhere. In this episode Dr. Jade got one of his closest friends—also an internet business women, Jill Coleman— to chat about managing this tricky situation.

Lying, Gossiping & Growing Up- Episode 18

Lying and gossiping are something all humans do. They are also some of the most destructive forces in human relationships and severely detrimental to the process of maturing as humans.  Why do we tell lies? What do we lie about? How can we start to manage the truth better? Are there good and bad ways to gossip? And more….

More on lying: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2017/06/lying-hoax-false-fibs-science/

Fasting: How To Know If It Will Work For you- Episode 17

How do you know if fasting will work for you or not?  What are the different ways to fast?  How does the metabolism respond to fasting. In this podcast Dr. Jade gives you a full treatment of how you can benefit.

Erections: The Science & Tools – Episode 16

Erections? Every man, and every mans lover, wants strong and lasting erections. The erection is a complex interaction between the brain, biochemistry and blood vessels draining into and out of the penis. In this episode Dr. Jade walks you through all aspects of the male erection from overstimulation on porn, to testosterone concerns, to diet and lifestyle modifications.

Digestive Health: Help With Constipation – Episode 15

Digestive health is critical for dealing with constipation and many other metabolic issues. In this episode you get the basics of how the digestive system works.  It is the largest place of integration between the nervous system, endocrine (hormone) system and immune system. Constipation is used as an example of how understanding the digestive system completely aids treatment of many things.

How Do You Stop Overeating? – Episode 14

How do you stop overeating? First you realize that much of the debate on eating has centered on either fats or carbohydrates. In reality the science has been with us for awhile. Highly flavored diets that contain the high-calorie, palatable combinations of salt, sugar, starch and/or fat may be the major contributing factor.  That and understanding how protein is something we mammals prioritize at a particular threshold, hold big clues as to why you may be feeling hungry all the time.


For supporting science associated with this podcast see the following resources:

  1. https://www.metaboliceffect.com/what-makes-you-gain/
  2. The Hungry Brain by Stephen Guyenet 
  3. https://bmcpublichealth.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1471-2458-5-11

What Type Of Exercise Should I do? – Episode 13

The type of exercise you should do depends on many factors.  If you are trying to “look good,” then there are some things you may want to consider, but you can’t abandon the exercise you love to do.  In this episode you will learn the pitfalls of certain exercise modalities and what you want to look out for. Jade talks aerobic training, intervals, weights, Crossfit and more.


Supporting mentioned in podcast:


Metabolic Toggles Part 2- Episode 12

Metabolic Toggles Part 2. In this episode we go a little deeper into the different types of nutritional approaches that can be used with each toggle. You are also introduced to the simple formula Jade devised to teach his patients how frequently to eat and what to eat just using three simple numbers. Finally, you will see that both the dieting model and the couch potato model can be useful and aid the metabolism if done under the correct context.

Metabolic Toggles: ELEL, EMEM, ELEM & EMEL – Episode 11

Metabolic Toggles are different levers you can pull in terms of calorie intake and output. This is a concept Jade developed that helps you circumvent metabolic compensation and avoid the trap that most dieters fine themselves in; short term results followed by weight regain. Eat less exercise more (ELEM; the dieter) and eat more, exercise less (EMEL; the couch potato) are not the only ways to go about it. Eat less, exercise less (ELEL, the hunter gatherer) and eat more, exercise more (EMEM; the athlete) are defined and discussed so you can understand how to use them in the creation of your fit lifestyle.

Adrenal Fatigue? Real or not? – Episode 10

Adrenal fatigue? It is not actually a real medical condition, so what are we really saying when we use the term.  In this podcast you will learn more about the issues with using this term, what are the other causes of fatigue and where is the real issue centered.  As usual, Jade will give you the deeper story so you can understand what is really going on and what approaches you can use.

Overtraining: Exercise Recovery, Repair & Adaptation- Episode 9

Overtraining? How are you managing exercise recovery, repair and adaptation? Stress can be either a positive growth enhancing stimulus (eustress) or a destructive and degenerating force. In this podcast you will learn how Dr. Jade thinks about overtraining as well as some of the tools and supplements he uses to assess training status, manage fatigue and deal with the consequences of intense workouts.

Keto Diet: weight loss, health, fitness, etc- Episode 8

Keto Diet is all the rage right now. What is the science?  Is it right for you? Is it safe? What about the keto supplements I hear and read about?  In this episode Dr. Jade goes very deep into the keto diet. he gets technical on the science, but also talks about how and why the keto diet may or may not be a good idea for you. The is also a free course for you drjade.com/keto-course

Doing Everything Right? Not Getting Results? – Episode 7

Doing everything right? Not getting results? You are likely missing one of the most important insights regarding diet and exercise? That is that there are two other things more important than what you eat and the types of exercise you do.  In this podcast you learn what those two things are. Dr. Jade gives a powerful framework to help you understand exactly what you need to be doing to avoid spinning your wheels and getting stuck.

The Social Battery: Tribe, Haters, Mentors- Episode 6

The Social Battery can be drained or charged depending on the people we associate with.  Research has shown that our social circle dramatically impacts our health, fitness, career and happiness goals. In this podcast, Jade covers how to vet your social circle and how to think about recruiting, or dismissing, those who are net negatives and net positives in your life.


Reading Food Labels- Episode 5

Reading food labels can be simple and effective if you don’t let yourself over complicate things and understand that some very strange sounding ingredients are actually not that foreign at all.  In this episode Dr. Jade breaks down some of the science and practical considerations around food labels and convenience foods

Reading Research, Understanding Science- Episode 4

In this podcast you learn what science is, how to use it and how Jade does his own research. Science is a process that checks against our natural human tendencies toward bias and dogma. Scientists are not science. One study is not science. Science is not politics. Science is not opinion. To say that is to misunderstand what science is. Science is a process that systematically checks our assumptions and corrects our bias and ignorance. Science moves slow and involves and up and down process of checks and balances. It often moves too slow for many people, since the truth it seeks is always emerging. For more information at the Metabolic Effect check out this article for 10 quick tips on reading research:

10 Tips on Reading Research

Jade Teta ND, CSCS The world of health fitness and fat loss is a mixed bag. It can be difficult to decipher what is real and what is not. Lately I have noticed a trend where individuals argue over who has the better sources, the most influential guru, or stands for the most noble cause. … Continue reading 10 Tips on Reading Research

The 5 Laws Of Metabolism- Episode 3

Master these 5 laws of metabolism & your body will finally begin to respond to diet and exercise. The 5 laws govern much of the way the metabolism functions and responds to diet, exercise, and lifestyle. While there’s still much we don’t know about metabolism, these laws represent some of the most important aspects research has proven, and now understands, about metabolic function. And of course, like all things in an emerging science, these will continue to be debated, refined and corrected in response to more and better information.

For now though, understanding these five laws directly impacts success with diet, exercise, fat loss, and healthy living.

For more details and some of the science see the links below:

Menstrual Cycle Training & Dieting- Episode 2

Menstrual cycle training. Learn how to time diet and exercise with the menstrual cycle to burn more fat, gain lean tissue, perform better and control hunger and cravings. This episode explains the entire menstrual cycle, female life stages, the effects of estrogen, progesterone and the tools and tips to manage it all.