Monthly Archives: July 2019

Autophagy: The Science & Controversy- Episode 40

Autophagy is the latest thing from the world of natural health, biohacking and nutrition guru land. Is it something you should concern yourself with or just more marketing language and hype? This podcast episode covers the science, controversy and what we know and don’t know about autophagy in humans. Dr. Jade tries to answer the questions about fasting, exercise and supplements to enhance autophagy and whether it is useful or not.

How To Find Happiness with Dr Ray Hinish- Episode 39

Are you trying to find happiness?  What if it does not work like that? In this podcast, we cover the elusive nature of happy and why it is impossible to feel happy all the time. Here we discuss how happiness might actually work and the ways in which we might want to go about feeling joy, creating meaning and choosing happiness.