Monthly Archives: December 2018

Eat Less, Exercise Less (ELEL)- Episode 32

The eat less, exercise less protocol, or ELEL for short, is one of the four “metabolic toggles” one can use to work with their metabolism. It is very restorative protocol designed to take stress off of the metabolic system. This podcasts covers the philosophy, background and specific details of the protocol.

Metabolic Flexibility Part 1- Episode 30

Metabolic flexibility is the ability to switch from one fuel to the other quickly based on food availability and fuel demand. You don’t want a fast metabolism, you want a flexible metabolism instead. You don’t want Usain Bolt unless he can jump hurdles, do handstands, and juggle flaming swords too. A flexible metabolism is a great multitasker. It’s not just good at burning sugar; it excels at burning fat too. So how do we get a flexible metabolism? That’s what we cover in this episode.