Monthly Archives: November 2018

Insulin Resistance & Sensitivity- Episode 29

Insulin and insulin resistance is often misunderstood. You can be resistant to insulin or sensitive to it in different tissues. Not only that, but going to low carb may contribute to the problem in some people due to cortisol’s effects on insulin sensitivity. This podcast addresses the less talked about aspects of insulin.

Dating. How To Approach (women) & Reject (men) – Episode 28

How should a man approach a woman he is interested in? How can a woman reject a man she is not interested in? A mix of the research on dating with a healthy dose of individual and clinical experience. Jade’s ex-wife Jill Coleman of joins the show to discuss dating. Both Jade & Jill have remained close friends after their divorce and here they chat about the challenges of dating.

What Matters In Nutrition? Quality, Quantity & More – Episode 27

What matters more? Calories? Hormones? Timing? It can get very confusing can’t it.  In this episode Jade teaches you the different aspects of nutrition to pay attention to: amount, type, timing, order and setting