Thyroid: All The Details- Episode 23

The thyroid gland is a master metabolic regulator greatly impacting growth, energy, fuel use, metabolic rate and much more. In this episode you learn the basic science, how to test thyroid function and little known causes and contributing factors related to thyroid function.

One thought on “Thyroid: All The Details- Episode 23

  1. That was everything I could ever ask to hear about thyroid. Well alomost everything. Keep on researching this Jade and keep ys posted. As a hypothyroid person whose been both, hyper and hypo, and had my life ripped away from me back in 2001 from a thyroid crash, HRT therapy with added testosterone, caused me to crash. This information is phenomenal!! Thank you. I still have my thyroid as i refused to take the radio active iodine and began juicing my way back to health.

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