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How Do You Stop Overeating? – Episode 14

How do you stop overeating? First you realize that much of the debate on eating has centered on either fats or carbohydrates. In reality the science has been with us for awhile. Highly flavored diets that contain the high-calorie, palatable combinations of salt, sugar, starch and/or fat may be the major contributing factor.  That and understanding how protein is something we mammals prioritize at a particular threshold, hold big clues as to why you may be feeling hungry all the time.


For supporting science associated with this podcast see the following resources:

  2. The Hungry Brain by Stephen Guyenet 

What Type Of Exercise Should I do? – Episode 13

The type of exercise you should do depends on many factors.  If you are trying to “look good,” then there are some things you may want to consider, but you can’t abandon the exercise you love to do.  In this episode you will learn the pitfalls of certain exercise modalities and what you want to look out for. Jade talks aerobic training, intervals, weights, Crossfit and more.


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