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Metabolic Toggles Part 2- Episode 12

Metabolic Toggles Part 2. In this episode we go a little deeper into the different types of nutritional approaches that can be used with each toggle. You are also introduced to the simple formula Jade devised to teach his patients how frequently to eat and what to eat just using three simple numbers. Finally, you will see that both the dieting model and the couch potato model can be useful and aid the metabolism if done under the correct context.

Metabolic Toggles: ELEL, EMEM, ELEM & EMEL – Episode 11

Metabolic Toggles are different levers you can pull in terms of calorie intake and output. This is a concept Jade developed that helps you circumvent metabolic compensation and avoid the trap that most dieters fine themselves in; short term results followed by weight regain. Eat less exercise more (ELEM; the dieter) and eat more, exercise less (EMEL; the couch potato) are not the only ways to go about it. Eat less, exercise less (ELEL, the hunter gatherer) and eat more, exercise more (EMEM; the athlete) are defined and discussed so you can understand how to use them in the creation of your fit lifestyle.