Monthly Archives: April 2018

Doing Everything Right? Not Getting Results? – Episode 7

Doing everything right? Not getting results? You are likely missing one of the most important insights regarding diet and exercise? That is that there are two other things more important than what you eat and the types of exercise you do.  In this podcast you learn what those two things are. Dr. Jade gives a powerful framework to help you understand exactly what you need to be doing to avoid spinning your wheels and getting stuck.

The Social Battery: Tribe, Haters, Mentors- Episode 6

The Social Battery can be drained or charged depending on the people we associate with.  Research has shown that our social circle dramatically impacts our health, fitness, career and happiness goals. In this podcast, Jade covers how to vet your social circle and how to think about recruiting, or dismissing, those who are net negatives and net positives in your life.